Changes to The HighWay Code

The code’s newly stated aim is to: “… promote safety on the road, whilst also supporting a healthy, sustainable and efficient transport system.”

Several welcome changes have been introduced to help make cyclists and pedestrians (especially children, older adults and disabled people) feel and be safer on the roads. A very good summary can be found at Cycling UK.


Ten key changes

  1. A ‘Hierarchy of Road Users’ (Introduction / Rule H1)
  2.  Junction priority (Rules H2, H3)
  3.  Dangerous overtaking and ‘close passes’ (Rule 163)
  4.  The ‘Dutch Reach’, to help prevent ‘car-dooring’ (Rule 239)
  5.  Group riding (Rule 66)
  6.  Road positioning (Rules 72 / 213)
  7.  Cycle lanes and cycle tracks (Rule 140)
  8.  Crossing in front of drivers in slow moving traffic (Rule 151)
  9.  Advanced Stop Lines (Rule 178)
  10. Cyclists at roundabouts (Rule 186)

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