A plan for improving walking and cycling – LCWIP

We are all anxious to see better facilities for walking and cycling.  Sadly, you don’t need to look far to find truly awful examples of ‘facilities’ that do nothing for active travel.  A few even make things worse.  Some are just lines on maps or signs on posts.  There are bits of path hardly wide enough for a parent to push a buggy and haphazard stretches of cycle path that begin and end nowhere.  Wouldn’t it be sensible for there to be A PLAN?

Well, that might just happen!

National government have placed responsibility for active travel firmly with local authorities.  Funding is being made available (although who knows whether that will achieve a fraction of what is expected?!?) but funding will be dependent on a plan.  All local authorities are invited to create a plan for walking and cycling in their area.  (It’s called a ‘Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan’, or LCWIP for short.)  The plans will guide development for active travel over a 10-year period.  Without a strategic plan that meets current standards, local authorities will not be able to apply for grants.

Surrey County Council has kicked off the creation of its plan and the focus will soon be on Waverley.  Godalming Cycle Campaign has been busy collecting ideas together ready for the consultation.  We will keep you updated as the timetable becomes clear.  In the meantime, if you have ideas of your own, you may like to record these on Surrey County Council’s “Commonplace” website.

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