Godalming Cycle Campaign?

Since the 1990s, Godalming Cycle Campaign has been working to improve cycling and walking in Godalming, Farncombe and the surrounding area.  We love cycling, hence our name, but we are keen for people to enjoy the benefits of active travel, whether that’s walking, cycling, jogging, using a wheelchair, pushing a toddler in their buggy… or combinations of them all!  If you feel the same, come and join us.  Your support, no matter how large or small, is vital to making it happen.

Our Vision

A community where active travel is safe and convenient for all ages and abilities.


Our geographical community is focused on Godalming and Farncombe but extends to the surrounding towns, villages and countryside that might be reached easily by active travel.

Community also means humanising our roads; enabling people to reconnect, creating a vibrant neighbourhood.

Active travel

Active travel focuses on forms of transport that involve a degree of physical activity such as walking, cycling, using a wheelchair, jogging and horse riding.  It is inclusive of people who need to use power assistance by reason of age or ability.  These forms of transport are sustainable, produce little or no pollution and promote both physical and mental wellbeing.

All types of journey are included whether for utility (such as getting to school or work and for day-to-day activities such as shopping or visiting friends and family) or for leisure.

Safe and convenient

Routes must be well constructed so that they are accessible to all.  They must be well maintained to eliminate slip and trip hazards.  They must be reasonably direct so that active travellers are not forced into long detours.  They must be open and appropriately lit so that they are attractive to use.


Our Strategy

Our strategy is of consultation and cooperation, not confrontation.  By working in partnership with other groups we aim to build consensus for change.  We co-operate closely with the Guildford Bicycle Users Group (G-Bug), and our combined representation to local councils has seen commitment to improved active travel infrastructure included in our boroughs’ strategic plans.  The efforts of Godalming Cycle Campaign, the support of local councillors and the generosity of Jewson Builders Merchants, resulted in the significant improvement to the path between Meadrow and Marshall Road.  We continue to campaign for the whole route from Godalming to Farncombe to be made attractive for active travel.

We seek to combine our aims with local rambling, jogging, river-boating and equestrian groups.