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National Highways Phase 1 Funding secured for Guildford Godalming Greenway

We are delighted to learn that Surrey County Council has successfully bid to National Highways and they have confirmed allocation of £1.65million construction funding towards a ‘Phase 1’ of the Greenway scheme, subject to establishing the funding agreement. We are pleased to learn that Active Travel England are also assessing money for the scheme, and further funding options are being explored for other parts of the scheme. A technical survey has been completed and road improvements have been detailed by highway engineers. We look forward to sharing the detailed plans as they become available.

Waverley deliver Cycle Shelters

Godalming Cycle Campaign members Martin Archer and Martyn Sandford were delighted to attend the launch of Waverley’s Cycle Shelter in Crown Court Godalming with Cllr Clare Weightman and Cllr Steve Williams.

Martin Archer said:

“Godalming Cycle Campaign are delighted to support the latest initiative of Godalming Town Council and Waverley Borough Council to improve facilities for cyclists. Cyclists will now be able to leave their bikes in a secure and dry facility located in the heart of the town.  We share the vision to make Godalming a destination everyone can reach along safe and attractive active travel routes and see the new shelters as one element to achieving this aim.”

Three new bike shelters have just been installed in council-owned car parks across the borough with an additional shelter due to be installed at Crown Court, Godalming next month.

The shelters have been sited in convenient locations across the borough including one at Haslemere High Street car park, two at Crown Court car park, Godalming (one already installed, a further shelter to be added soon) and one at Village Way, Cranleigh. Car park spaces will be reduced by just three at Haslemere and Godalming car parks. If this pilot scheme is successful, others will be rolled out across the borough. 

Councillor Steve Williams, Waverley Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Environment and Sustainability, said:

“It is great to see these installed and open for business! It’s a great example of councils working together with local groups to successfully bring about a great resource for residents. Not only will this help our environment but also, those who want to cycle more whether that be for commuting, shopping or simply as a great way to explore our beautiful borough and all it has to offer.  

As a council working towards becoming carbon-neutral by 2030, one of our goals is to encourage active travel; cycling saves money which is even more important in these difficult times and I do hope that residents will make good use of them.”

Deputy Leader of Godalming Town Council, Councillor Clare Weightman, said:

“Cycling into our town has so many advantages – and it’s free! We all benefit from fewer cars travelling into our lovely town, with less traffic and lower emissions. I’m delighted that Godalming Town Council is working together with Waverley to deliver better facilities for active travel. We need to make it as easy as possible for us all to adopt the lifestyle measures that benefit planet and people, and these bike shelters will hopefully encourage more residents and visitors to cycle in to Godalming.”

Greenway section upgraded – Dagley Lane

We are delighted that the first phase of Dagley Lane surfacing – a key part of the Guildford Godalming Greenway, has now been completed. The harder link across to the water works and Shalford Park is due to be upgraded in the summer. We really look forward to riding this completed link.

A plan for improving walking and cycling – LCWIP

We are all anxious to see better facilities for walking and cycling.  Sadly, you don’t need to look far to find truly awful examples of ‘facilities’ that do nothing for active travel.  A few even make things worse.  Some are just lines on maps or signs on posts.  There are bits of path hardly wide enough for a parent to push a buggy and haphazard stretches of cycle path that begin and end nowhere.  Wouldn’t it be sensible for there to be A PLAN?

Well, that might just happen!

National government have placed responsibility for active travel firmly with local authorities.  Funding is being made available (although who knows whether that will achieve a fraction of what is expected?!?) but funding will be dependent on a plan.  All local authorities are invited to create a plan for walking and cycling in their area.  (It’s called a ‘Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan’, or LCWIP for short.)  The plans will guide development for active travel over a 10-year period.  Without a strategic plan that meets current standards, local authorities will not be able to apply for grants.

Surrey County Council has kicked off the creation of its plan and the focus will soon be on Waverley.  Godalming Cycle Campaign has been busy collecting ideas together ready for the consultation.  We will keep you updated as the timetable becomes clear.  In the meantime, if you have ideas of your own, you may like to record these on Surrey County Council’s “Commonplace” website.

Community ‘Planning Gain’ at New Way welcomed

Walking and Cycling into Godalming from Ockford Ridge and Aarons Hill has become so much more accessible and pleasurable with the upgrading of the paths that join up with the Meath Home side of Godalming station. This has been possible due to ‘Planning Gain’, using finance from the Cala Homes Ockford Park development.

In less than a year we have seen upgrade of the public bridleway (officially Godalming No.6)  to improve access for pedestrians and people on bikes all year round. This is good news indeed apart from one minor reservation – that what little remained of the original cobbled surface was removed rather than finding a way for it to remain underneath as part of our history. Because of vegetation growth the bridleway is beginning to slightly narrow in places (as seen in the last photograph) while at the same time the accumulation of leaf fall is already bringing problems in wet conditions when the surface can then become slippery;  hence the need for the County Council to do all it can with regular maintenance…

Likewise, the link path between this bridleway and Aarons Hill (officially public footpath No.577) is dramatically improved, much of it cut back to reveal a wider path and – importantly – a newly laid better surface. This is a great compliment to both Surrey County and Waverley Borough Councils, and yet both of them had a total blind spot! As many readers will know, this particular path was included on Godalming Cycle Campaign’s original plans for the Guildford Godalming Greenway – the end of the projected spur from Godalming to Aarons Hill. The route was presented at an earlier stage to both these authorities and officers were reminded on a number of occasions prior to consideration of the Ockford Park planning application…

Meanwhile, to confound matters even more, many of us were astonished to find that the authorities last year pioneered a footpath diversion order for this same Right of Way with only minimal legal consultation such that even Godalming Cycle Campaign was unaware of this happening – until it was too late. In the view of GCC this diversion represents a big “minus” for both cyclists and walkers and we once again call on the Borough and County Councils to review the situation urgently and afresh. A fundamental part of the problem is that this Right of Way, although used to a considerable extent by cyclists, is only legally of footpath status…

In summary, we warmly welcome the improvements “on the ground” made to these paths, which illustrate how there can be valuable community gain from a development. At the same time, we are deeply concerned at the lack of “joined up thinking” that means the gains for the community have as yet fallen short of what we had hoped and expected.

Changes to The HighWay Code

The code’s newly stated aim is to: “… promote safety on the road, whilst also supporting a healthy, sustainable and efficient transport system.”

Several welcome changes have been introduced to help make cyclists and pedestrians (especially children, older adults and disabled people) feel and be safer on the roads. A very good summary can be found at Cycling UK.


Ten key changes

  1. A ‘Hierarchy of Road Users’ (Introduction / Rule H1)
  2.  Junction priority (Rules H2, H3)
  3.  Dangerous overtaking and ‘close passes’ (Rule 163)
  4.  The ‘Dutch Reach’, to help prevent ‘car-dooring’ (Rule 239)
  5.  Group riding (Rule 66)
  6.  Road positioning (Rules 72 / 213)
  7.  Cycle lanes and cycle tracks (Rule 140)
  8.  Crossing in front of drivers in slow moving traffic (Rule 151)
  9.  Advanced Stop Lines (Rule 178)
  10. Cyclists at roundabouts (Rule 186)

New all-weather cycle and walking trail across Thursley Common

Thursley Common

Access to Thursley National Nature Reserve and links between Elstead and Milford is now easier by improvements to the bridleway and walking trails by Surrey County Council. This follows a campaign to improve links between Elstead and Milford so that they can be used year-round for cyclists and walkers exploring the area known for its wildlife, fauna, and rare heathland habitat.

The core route runs from Hookley Lane and the links up with the bridleway which runs straight out across Thursley Common and merges with the main track that comes out via  Red House Lane. There’s a bridleway (BW 69) that runs parallel to Thursley Road between Elstead Moat and the village itself.

Improvement work on the route was completed autumn 2021 and will eventually compliment a traffic-free route from Milford to Godalming and beyond using the Godalming to Guildford Greenway.

Cycle path from Mousehill Lane Milford in to Rodborough and Thursley Commons

Ride100 – Charity Place

Local Guildford/Godalming charity The Prostate Project has 3 charity places for this year’s Ride 100. This year the route leaves Victoria Embankment and heads out to Essex before returning to finish at Tower Bridge.
If you would like to raise money for the charity, and discover this brand new route, please contact Katherine here ASAP!